Our Services

From conception to completion, we are ready to help with your project.

Design Management

  • Total Park Projects will work with the owner and the designated team to develop the vision for intriguing, educational, and entertaining destinations for guests.
  • Once an overall vision is developed for the project, we will provide a written conceptual narrative document describing the overall park guest experience, including a narrative treatment for each of the on-stage facilities to show how they support the overall story line.
  • Visual imagery will be created to help further define and illustrate the development of the design.
  • An overall master plan indicating key locations for all facilities including attractions, animal exhibits, retail and dining, back of house facilities, guest support and hospitality facilities will then be developed.
  • Utilizing our prior operating experience, we will guide the master plan development toward the best layout of the site, not only to support a great guest experience, but also toward an efficient operation.
  • Once the scope of the project is determined, Total Park Projects can work with attraction manufacturers to identify the best attraction for the site and assist in procuring rides and attractions for the project.
  • Total Park Projects will guide the project team through all design phases, facilitating communication, coordinating all disciplines, providing day to day leadership and motivation to keep the project moving forward.


  • Total Park Projects can assure that your facility needs are clearly determined and defined, based on your expected annual attendance. Working with the owner, needs are evaluated not only for overall circulation requirements, but also calculation of the necessary merchandise square footage, food and beverage square footage, point-of-sale locations, restrooms, drinking fountains, lockers, benches, etc.
  • In the early phases of the project, Total Park Projects can assist in identifying any specialty needs or requirements for construction that may arise due to unique circumstances, such as working adjacent to existing animal facilities, working within an operating park, etc., that may impact budget and/or schedule.
  • Special attention is paid to communication in the early phases of the project to ensure that all key stakeholders’ needs have been taken into consideration during the design.


  • A scope document outlining all details and design assumptions associated with the project can be prepared at the onset of the project to ensure effective communication of these details to all key project stakeholders. This document will be updated as needed to maintain proper documentation of the project.
  • Team meetings will be held to assess the current status of the project and address any outstanding issues on a timely basis. Total Park Projects represents the owner at these meetings, producing and distributing team meetings minutes for project documentation and reporting.
  • Regular written status reports will be prepared for distribution to the appropriate designated stakeholders on the project.

Contractor and Consultant Selection:

  • Total Park Projects can assist the owner in identifying and selecting the most qualified contractors and consultants to work on various phases of the project. We can prepare the requests for proposals, evaluate the proposals and make recommendations to the owner.
  • Total Park Projects has developed associations with many artisans and unique craftsmen who bring an outstanding level of quality to such areas as themed painting and rockwork. Upon request by the owner, these talented individuals will be contacted for a proposal to provide their expertise to the project.


  • To finish a project on time, within budget and with the highest quality possible, professional monitoring of the project on a daily basis is necessary. Regular check estimates are performed to ensure that the design is remaining within the established budget parameters. Working closely with the site superintendent(s) Total Park Projects continuously oversees all aspects of the project, anticipates problem areas, and resolves problems.
  • Total Park Projects actively promotes team spirit throughout the construction of the project to facilitate communication between all key stakeholders, producing a spirit of cooperation rather than conflict on
    the site.
  • Throughout construction, we monitor all activities to make certain that the design intent of the owner is being met and that the project is progressing on schedule.

Value Analysis:

  • Working with the owner and project team, Total Park Projects reviews drawings to identify potential savings opportunities throughout development.
  • During construction, we work closely with the contractors to develop additional cost savings options to present to the owner for possible implementation. These options often result in thousands of dollars in savings for the project.

Close Out:

  • During the final phase of project completion, Total Park Projects works with the owner, key stakeholders, and the contractors to develop a punch list of items to be completed. Serving as the owner’s advocate, we make certain that all work is completed to the owner’s expectations.
  • Total Park Projects will monitor the completion and delivery of all as-built documentation and maintenance manuals to the owner.
  • A Post Mortem analysis may also be prepared.
  • At the request of the owner, Total Park Projects can assist the owner in the coordination of moving into the new facilities.